Jason Stan marks 2018 with two new singles and a brand new album "The Lanterns". The first new recordings from Jason after 3 years in musical exile after suffering the dibilitating Spasmotic Dysphonia, a neurological issue. The first of the new singles "Imajelee" is a total departure for Stan into the World of edgy rock being engineered, recorded and produced by the infamous Lee Bradshaw. Kicking off the album is the touching country/pop ballad ""Wyndiana"" written by Stan for his two children who also appear in the Storybook edition of the song with their heartfelt and self penned entrance.

Hailing from the Australian National Theatre of performing arts, singer/songwriter Jason Stan is best known for his portrayal of Johnny O’Keefe in the hit musical "Sing, Sing, Sing - The Johnny O'Keefe Show" but it was program manager Bruce Neels from one of Australia's largest radio stations 7LA who discovered him in 1996 and it would later lead to the Herald Sun reporting on Jason's first ever Top 5 single in Tasmania and spawned his first album release “No Apologies”. Since then Jason has gone ahead to release 4 studio albums and a steady stream of singles including the much talked about "Saving Jamie", firmly cementing himself as not only a stellar singer and theatre performer but one of Australia's most prolific songwriters as well.

In 2005 Jason was responsible for penning, arranging and producing the radio friendly pop song "My Name Is Schapelle". While there were many songs written about Schapelle Corby and her plight, Jason's was the only song written for and about Schapelle to consequently be officially endorsed by Schapelle Corby and her family with Mercedes Corby and Kay Danes labelling it as "truly beautiful".

A pop release by Jason titled "Fall From Grace" gained the attention of Music manager and publisher Keith Welsh (Savage Garden) but it was Jason's self penned and powerfully moving ballad "Wellington Road" that wiped the floor with music critics. Accross the board, they were universal in their praise for "Wellington Road" as a beautifully crafted song filled with elaborate string sections and hauntingly honest lyrics. Released on April 25th of 2011, "Wellington Road" went ahead to become one of the highest selling single releases of Jason's career.

With a few single releases throughout 2012 and 2013, it wasn't until 2014 that Jason returned to perhaps his best form with the hard edged “Firewall” released through his own independednt label Universal Music Group. Firewall showcased Stan at the top of his game vocally while again revealing his prolific ability as a songwriter. Jason says "When I originally sat down with my then producer to discuss the song, I told him that I wanted to push the envelope on didgital production as far as it could be pushed, that I wanted Firewall to be the best thing I had ever done. He achieved my goal in spades". Firewall was a not only a departure from Stan’s usual sound but a prelude to his first new studio album in over 4 years.

Every artist has a Signature song and in 2015 Stan released the beautiful and moving "Saving Jamie". The track marked a radical shift in musical direction for Stan beginning as a contemporary piano ballad but ending as a hard edged pop/rock symphony. Critics and fans alike labelled "Saving Jamie" as one of the most majestic songwriting efforts from Stan in years and his very best. He is good at being the ballad writer.

In October of 2017 Jason was hand picked to portray Australian rock & roll legend Johnny O'Keefe in the Australia wide musical theatre presentation of "Sing Sing Sing - The Johnny O'Keefe Show" touring Australia under musical director Scot Robin. "Stan is an exception to the rule when it comes to formidable frontman and his portrayal of Johnny O'Keefe was mesmerizing" - Scott Robin. Jason has also portrayed the on stage roles of the awarded Franki Valli and Jon Bon Jovi.

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